Trove Capital Review

According to Trove Capital's website:

Trove Capital is a finance-oriented organisation dedicated to lending and making loans available to both small and medium business owners. Businesses can request for a loan of up to $60000 via an online form by entering all the necessary information needed and submitting thereafter. It is possible to have your loan application approved and your account funded in a matter of hours.

How Obtaining A Loan From Trove Capital Works

The process of applying for a loan from Trove Capital is easy, simple and straightforward. As such, there are no complexities involved. This is made evident in the time it takes to complete the online application from start to finish.

Completing the online application takes between 5-10 minutes and when you're through, you submit the form. According to Trove Capital, once your loan application has been approved, you can have the funds available in your account for your use within 24 hours.

What Is The Charge On The Loan?

Trove Capital prides itself in being transparent and a worthy lender. As a result of this, there are no hidden charges and every fee and/or charge accompanying the loan is stated clearly when signing up for the loan.

If you do go ahead to secure a loan from Trove Capital, the amount you borrow as well as your business profile serve as determinants for the amount you will pay back. While no loan establishment fee is charged, interest rates on money loaned starts from 1.5% per month.

Attributes of The Trove Capital Business Loan

Listed below are some of the attributes or characteristics of obtaining a loan from Trove Capital.

  • The application process is fast, easy and simple
  • No security in the form of collateral or assets are needed to secured a loan
  • Flexible and long term repayment plan of up to 1 year (12 months)
  • There are no hidden charges

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