Timelio Business Loans Review

According to Timelio's website:

Having unpaid invoices in a business is one of the most discouraging things. Unpaid invoices mean that the operating finance account for a business will be insufficient. A worst case scenario is for the start-up businesses which might not have enough money to run their business and then have pending invoices to be paid.

Lack of enough finances in a business can make a business to close indefinitely. Businesses don't have to suffer anymore. Companies such as Timelio provides invoice finance for businesses for them to continue running.

Business owners, therefore, don't have to wait for the invoices to be paid by the customers they can get full invoice finance from Timelio within a short time.

How Timelio Business Invoice Finance Works?

As we all know, invoices and take more than 100 days to be paid by the customers. This is a very long time to wait for business owners. This is the reason why Timelio provides business invoice finance for businesses to keep the business running.

The process is simple and straightforward. Some of the few requirements that are needed include:

  • ABN Australian registered a business.
  • The minimum amount of the invoice should be $10,000.
  • Business should pass their screening and anti-theft checks.
  • The business should have customers that are large organizations or government bodies.

Timelio invoice financial services are for those businesses that are growing and lack enough capital.

Benefits and Features of Timelio

Flexiblity - They allow business owners to select what invoice they wish to sell and when they need it.

Readily Available Funding - Businesses get cash advance of up to 100% of the value the invoice.

Good Pricing - Timelio invoice advance is issued at a market rate that is specific to businesses' needs.

Benefits of Timelio Invoice Finance
  • It is possible to access your funds within two hours of auction close. You also get paid immediately instead of having to wait for up to 120 days to receive payment from the customers.
  • Businesses are able to improve their working capital as well as cash flow.
  • Raise finance without much hassle or taking a loan.

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