What is the Sole Trader Loans?

Sole Trader Loans is Business Funding provide for sole trader business, sole trader business is the simplest business structure, with only one person legally responsible for business, and make the decision. For today’s society, there is growing number of businesses are sole trader businesses, in many industries, especially for small and medium-sized enterprise, because sole trader business is quite simple and inexpensive to start up.

As same as other SMEs, for sole trader business, the biggest issue is the cash flow. However, it is quite harder to get loans from banks or other financial institutions for sole traders, because from banks’ perspectives, sole trade business is riskier. Especially for sole trader wants to start a new business.

Discovery Credit Can Assist Sole Traders

Sole Trader Loans from Discovery Credit could help, with years of experience in the financial industry, we have helped thousands of Australian companies since established. The Sole Trader Loan is designed to help people have sole trader business or want to start up new business. Different from banks in Australia, Discovery Credit is friendly to the new business starter. We will consider the new business starter, no trading history starter, people with bad credit and etc.

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How We are Different from Traditional Banks

Whereas traditional banks require lots of documents in order to give you sole trader business loans, we, on the other hand, do not take you through such struggles. The banks would need documents such as;

  1. Tax returns
  2. Financial statements
  3. Proof of consistent income

We on the other hand offer the following unbeatable conveniences;

  • green tickFast approval
  • green tickLess paper work
  • green tickFlexible loan term and loan amount
  • green tickEasy to eligible

Sole Trader Loans from us are tailored option for small business

With the traditional lending institutions such as banks, self-employed or small businesses have difficulty to obtain almost any type of business loan. This is the same with sole trader business loans. This is because their requirements are stringent and their terms are not favorable to the sole trader businesses. More so, their interest rates are high.

We, on the other hand, have come to your rescue as a sole trader. We offer great sole trader business loans that best address your business financial needs. We offer flexible loan terms. Our payment options are also flexible and can easily fit into your financial plan. More so, our rates for sole trader business loans are competitive, and we have no hidden charges which are usually the case with the conventional, traditional lending institutions. Also, we understand the nature of sole trader businesses. For this reason, we do not bother you with financial records, we will consider your application for sole trader business loans without them.

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Qualifying for Sole Trader Business Loans from Us is Easy

Unlike the conventional lending institutions, we are flexible in terms of requirements and conditions in order for you to qualify for sole trader business loans. We do not consider bad credit as a hindrance. We also consider you even if you are starting up. We also have unsecured sole trader business loans. Even if you have limited cash flow, you will still be considered for sole trader business loans. More so, we do not do any income verifications because we understand your struggles. Finally, we do not pay attention to your history of defaults when you apply for sole trader business loans.

Where Can I Get Sole Trader Business Loans?

Our serves are available all over Australia. We serve all Australians wherever they are in the country. This is because we are available online and even the application process is done online. More so, all industries are welcome to apply for sole trader business loans.

3 steps application process:

  1. Get pre-approval
  2. Verify personal information
  3. Loan transfer

With these, business loans for the sole trader application have been made to be easily accessible.

Why Discovery Credit?

Discovery Credit, the easiest and fastest application process for customers, apply for sole trader loans with Discovery Credit only need three easy steps. Firstly, fill the Pre-Approval Form, with no eligibility. Simply tell us how much you want to fund for your business, don’t worry about the loan amount, we can adjust it later. The purpose of the loan and your credit history help us have a brief understanding of your case. Secondly, you need to fill the application form, it only takes you a few minutes, and we can understand you and your business better with this full application form. After submitting an application form, you will get a result by text and email as fast as minutes. The last step is to send us some required documents and sign the contract. Your funding will place in your account very shortly. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!

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