What is Self Employed Loan?

Being self-employed can enjoy more freedom than other employed people, self-employed people can manage their own schedule and earnings. Today, there is growing number of people choose to be self-employed, however, the downside for them is self-employed people have difficulty to get the loan for expanding a business.

The Self Employed Loan is designed for self-employed people, it doesn’t matter how much they earn or how frequently their income. As the Self Employed Loans provide flexible and effective loan amount, loan terms and repayment for different customers.

How does Discovery Credit help with Self Employed Business?

Self Employed people usually get the rejection when they apply for self employed loans, as lenders usually do not have confidence in self employed business and self employed people do not have enough documents for security. If you have been rejected by other lenders many times, it is time turn to Discovery Credit.

Discovery Credit has helped many small and medium sized enterprises every year, and we understand it is difficult to maintain the perfect credit history. Hence, we are willing to lend a hand to people with bad credit history. We also understand businesses need loans very urgent some times, that is the reason why we designed our application process very easy and fast, and we provide same day funding for customers.

Applying for Self Employed Loans at Discovery Credit is incredibly fast and easy. Get started with our Pre-Approval Form, just simply tell us the loan amount you want to borrow, the purpose of the loan and your credit history at first. Then complete the full application form, and you will get a result within 1 minute. The last step is to send back the low doc and E-Sign contract, and we will transfer the loan to your account very shortly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and get your loans today!

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