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Nowra-Bomaderry, Discover the Charm of the Twin Cities

Nowra-Bomaderry turns out to be an important junction of the Shoalhaven River on the Princes Highway from Sydney. Serve as administrative and commercial center of the Shoalhaven City, it have evolved during the growth of the dairy and timber industry in the region. This area is a combination of the win-cities? Nowra and Bomaderry. The Nowra located on the southern side of the Shoalhaven River and the Bomaderry placed on the north bank of the river.

Nowra is an urban area in South Coast of New South Wales. Nowra translates as 'black cockatoo' or 'camping place' in the aboriginal word. This city located about 170 kilometers from the state capital, Sydney to the south and is the heart of the commercial of Shoalhaven region on the South Coast. As the major financial district of Shoalhaven, Nowra offers you a large number of outlets and the under plate Stockland Nowra Shopping Centre. The Nowra town center has many cafes and fast food restaurants and other plenty of places to eat something, it makes available an ideal surrounding area for travelers who seek to revive. For those of you who wish to explore the area and stay for a while, there presently exist a lot of accommodations you can find.

Bomaderry located the other side of from Nowra and divided by the River. Bomaderry derives its name from the Aboriginal word meaning running water?and lighting ground? The town is quiet and offers a beautiful haven to recharge the spirit and friendly community with panoramic views, offering peace and relaxation for the inhabitant rural areas of large cities. Visit to the Shoalhaven Camellia Gardens in Narang Road, visitors will yield a pleasant experience for those who are fascinated by the rows and columns of colorful flowers. Bomaderry Creek Walk is also taking the starting point of the walk at these gardens, which leads to the beautiful landscape of the city and river at Bernie's Lookout. There are also picnic and barbecue facilities provided.

Nowra-Bomaderry can be proud of hoalhaven River?that held previous Australian National wakeboard championships. This river passes dividing Nowra compared to Bomaderry and North Nowra. Note that Shoalhaven River falls into the category of saltwater river? even though it never empties itself into the sea. The encounter with the sea is via the canal to link Shoalhaven and Crookhaven rivers. Other than that, the Shoalhaven River has been bridged by Nowra Bridge which is of historic importance.

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