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Capital of the Midwest, Geraldton is a bustling coastal city, located 424 km north of Perth and gateways the northern part of the State. During the famous wildflower season between July and November, Geraldton is a great base for self-drive tour and in fact, it is within walking distance of the road to the real 'Outback'. There are always scenic flights all year round along the Batavia coast to the Kalbarri National Park, Murchison River gorges, and the spectacular Monkey Mia which famous for its dolphin interaction experience. In the enchanting view of this unique area, you can take in Abrolhos Islands?tours by the boat or float plane.

Geraldton is built on a stunning west coast, foothills and breakaway beaches to the east, while the Chapman and Greenough River frame this unique city in the northern and southern areas. The Mediterranean climate and excellent positioning make Geraldton become an ideal place to live or even just for holiday visit. It is a resort town on the beach where you can fix your eyes on the catch of the day, see the striped lighthouse, walking on the winds wept beach and breathe the air of the salty sea. The summer is cool and the winters are mild because of regular sea breeze. The spring is an explosion of wild flowers in full bloom and the autumn is balmy.

As a world leader in iron ore production, rock lobster fishery, agriculture and farming, Geraldton has become the hub of the Midwest, a truly sustainable and prosperous city. Many local restaurants and cafes with a wide variety of seafood cuisines are available. Geraldton also offers a range of apartments, hotels, motels, holiday villas and caravan parks.

The city is also known as the Mecca of windsurfing. Beautiful natural beaches provide a heterogeneous mixture of water-based recreation and sports. With its strong winds, it is one of the best places in the world for windsurfing and kite boarding. Many coral reefs and coastal breaks is an ideal base for surfing expedition along the coast around Geraldton. Other water sports are included such as fishing, sailing, and diving.

Come and take in the sensational dining and cultural experiences, discover the natural attractions in beautiful weather that Geraldton has to offer. Be well prepared for your trip and check the essentials that you need for when travelling to Geraldton. The most important thing to get in the way is money. Holidays mean to have access to a large amount of money up front, if you have not been saving throughout the year for your trip, Geraldton may be out of reach places. For all of you who have been dreamed of a holiday in Geraldton, but you do not know how to secure your precious travel funds, quick personal loans can be the ticket.

Holidays are for relaxing and rejuvenating and not worrying about the cost. This is why there are fast cash loans available to you and your family for travel. Go ahead now; you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about the cost. So, pack the bags and head to Geraldton, your favorite destination!

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