Discovery Credit can provide services to many places, and these are some of the cities we provide services to:


Brisbane, the third most popular city in Australia is the state capital of Queensland. This place is famously known for its natural beauty and the gleaming infrastructure. Years back, this city was still in the developing phase and thus, did not have much to offer to outsiders.


Queensland is famous for tourism and its economy is largely dependent on various kinds of industries and tourism. One of the largest and most prominent cities of Queensland is Bundaberg which covers almost 385 km north of the city of Brisbane which is the state capital and 15 kilometers inland from the coastal area.


Having a vacation in Cairns is one of the most enriching experience something one should definitely do at least once in a life time.


Gladstone happens to be one of the popular parts of Queensland. It is one of the most beautiful parts of Australia that is able to attract a wide number of tourists both from local and international platforms.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a city you would not like to miss going to. Gold coast is the second highly populous city in the state and the sixth most populated city in the country, Australia. Gold coast is a complete coastal city which is located near to the South East area of Queensland.

Hervey Bay

In Queensland, a beautiful city called Hervey Bay is located that is approximately 290 kilometers north of Brisbane that is the capital of state. The city rests on the natural bay coast between Fraser Island and Queensland. The city's economy relies heavily on the tourism and cultivation.


Mackay in Queensland, Australia is a wonder world that is waiting to be discovered. It is also referred to as the Australia's sugar capital. It is a welcoming and prosperous part of Australia which offers some of the most unique experiences for vacationing.


Australia is one piece of land that has been blessed with the best of the climatic conditions, temperature, an abundance of nature and a coastline that the rest of the world is envious of. Thus, it is of no surprise that thousands flock to this state in order to experience the wonders of nature bestowed on this land.

Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast in Queensland is a beautiful and a refreshing coast area. Here, you can have a totally different experience with the laid-back lifestyle and surrounding beaches. The warm sunshine, fresh waters, beaches and forests of Sunshine Coast will make your summer holiday worthwhile.


One of the largest and the highly successful cities of Australia is Toowoomba. The city is situated in the southern Queensland, which is one of the most famous states of the country.


South East Queensland happens to be one of the most sought after housing markets in Australia. This is also the precise reason that one gets to witness new projects being inaugurated especially in the region of Townsville.

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