A brief Guide to Hire the Right People for your Small Business

As a small business owner, you’ll experience the growth of your business to a point where you won’t be able to handle everything by yourself. The right course of action is to hire somebody to help you out.

Sometimes, depending on the level of success, you’ll really need to get more than one person to help you take care of things and keep everything running on time. The process might seem scary since it’s a signal that your business is booming and that you have to take on a new set of responsibilities regarding the livelihood of someone else.

Hiring the right person to work with you don’t have to be traumatic or complicated if you know exactly what you are looking for in a potential employee. It has little to do with his degrees and past credentials and more with his personal traits and the kind of person they are when it comes to working ethics. Let’s take a look at a few features you should take into account when you are looking to hire the right people for your business:

Make a Clear Job Proposal

If you are posting your offer the old fashioned way or using social networks make sure it’s clearly written and understandable from every angle. If you choose to, you can give a detailed rundown of the functions that the employee will be required to do as well as the hours he’ll be needed on-site. A detailed job offer will usually keep the fishers out of the loop and only people who are truly interested in the offer will postulate for the position.

Take a Close look at the CV and don’t take anything it says as 100% Accurate

We shouldn’t be telling you this, but everybody lies on their CV. After all the main mission of that single sheet of paper is to paint someone in their best light about their professional life and sometimes people are prone to exaggerate certain qualities or abilities they might have. Check back with past employers if they put some references on it. You’ll get a better picture of the person you are considering for the job.

Set Up an Interview, Be ready to Notice a Few Things

When you set up an interview with a potential employee the best way to handle it these days is in a casual fashion. People who are asked to dress formally for a job interview usually build a persona to go with the suit. Take them for a tour of your business, speak with confidence about your operation and be aware of their reaction. Go over the responsibilities attached to the position and be aware if he brings up any “but’s” about what they’ll have to do. A can’t do attitude on a job interview it’s a big no-no from every single point of view.

Don’t Shy away from Asking Questions about their Personal Habits

Ask about their daily routine, take notice if they are mindful of their health. Ask for any vices (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs). By law, you’ll probably have to do a check up on their legal background. If you find out anything that doesn’t look right ask questions about it. Take a moment to measure their self-esteem. You need to rely on people that you won’t have to cheer up every day. You want employees that don’t have emotional baggage that will interfere with the work they have to do.

Don’t settle for the First or Second Candidate that has a Successful Interview

As much as you want to woo someone ideal for the job position you are offering, you have to realize that there is no such thing as the perfect candidate. Even after a couple of interviews with ideal people, try to up the ante and go for four or six persons, you’ll be gladly surprised that you did. There is always the case where you can find the perfect match with all the credentials but as the work goes on something begins to lack. A candidate with the right attitude sometimes can work out for the best much more than the one who has the professional profile set on paper.