5 Key Resume Tips to Help You Stand Out In the Job Market

When you are in the market for hunting your next job, it’s all about how you present yourself to the potential employers. The first thing that employers get from where they start assessing you is your resume. In fact, your resume decides whether you’ll be called for in interview or not. So, it is important that you make your resume unique and stand out so that employers can pick it up easily from a bunch of hundred other resumes that they might have received. Here are some tips that you should consider for creating a perfect resume before you put your step into a competitive market.

  1. Highlight your contact details

It is important that the contact details are highlighted and can be picked easily. In fact, the resume should start with these details. You can either make these details ‘Bold’ or you can use a bigger font size.

  1. Design is important

The resume’s design plays a vital role as well. Ensure that you have formatted it correctly. Some clear font should be used like Cambria, Arial and Calibri. Also, make it compact and keep it to 2 pages only unless you’re an experienced person with years of experience to be highlighted. The roles which showcase the experience you have for current application should be enhanced.

  1. Add personal synopsis

People usually include their career objective in the beginning of the resume. But a better option is adding personal synopsis. The focus of the synopsis should be your achievements, the time you have spent in your field and the technical skills that you have to offer. This way, your potential employer will be able to know you better.

  1. Personality matters

You must show a little personality in your resume. Achievers are usually interesting people and, when recruiters think you’re interesting, they will probably like to meet you for an interview. However, keep this part strictly professional and only mention any interesting hobbies and volunteer activities which demonstrate your job-relevant skills.

  1. Customize it

There should be slight customization in the resume for every job opportunity you want to take. Ensure that you have customized your summary statement depending on job description as it will help you in catching the eye of the recruiter. It is also advised to edit different other sections as well for emphasizing achievements and experience which align with requirements of job you’re applying for.

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