New South Wales

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New South Wales

The charming town on the west of Blue Mountains, Bathurst is a gateway to the old gold rush town, boasting colonial buildings and big old house built for wealthy ranchers. Bathurst is a comfortable two and a half hours drive from Sydney or three and a half hours drive from Canberra.

Coffs Harbour

About 540 km north of Sydney Coffs Harbour is located. It is a coastal city located in New South Wales. The city is expanding rapidly and within past few years its population has reached up to 26,353. The city has beautiful and moderate climate conditions that have made it the top most priority of a number of tourists.


Dubbo is the city in New South Wales from the Orana Region, Australia. This is one of the most important cities of Orana Region as it is the most densely populated cities of the whole area with a population of about 36,920 people the city covers almost 275 kilometers above the sea level.


A subtropical town that lies in the north-eastern regions of New South Wales in Australia, Lismore is the chief population center in the area of local authorities of the City of Lismore. It is the regional center of the area of North Rivers of Australia.


As the title says, Newcastle is the place to be. Newcastle is a metropolitan area and is famously known as the second highly populated city of the state of New South Wales in Australia. This place is popularly known for almost everything right from healthcare to education, jobs and careers, festivals, music, parks, museums, hospitality etc.

Nowra Bomaderry

Nowra-Bomaderry turns out to be an important junction of the Shoalhaven River on the Princes Highway from Sydney. Serve as administrative and commercial center of the Shoalhaven City, it have evolved during the growth of the dairy and timber industry in the region.


New South Wales is the region in Australia which is known specifically for the growth of fruits and other industries. One of the most important cities in South Wales is Orange. The city is located at an area of 254km west of the great city of Sydney, which is the capital of state.

Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie is rapidly being known in the league of Australia's popular most vine regions. The climate in this part of New South Wales is not only mild but with the temperature more or less consistent it would be simply a joy to visit the good number of vineyards and fruit gardens out there.


Sydney is known to be the most popular city in Australia and is the state capital for New South Wales. Being the heart of Australia, there's lot of activity happening at this place, throughout the day. You will find a lot of life in this part of the country.


History of Tamworth is one solid foundation that is exquisite and a place to behold if you visit their museums and other historical places. The Anglo Saxon tribes were the one that joined forces and paved their way in the kingdom of Mercia.

Wagga Wagga

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is home to millions of people coming from diverse backgrounds. Most of the people are migrating to this country due to its high GDP and its marvelous and encouraging per capita income.


Wollongong is located in New South Wales and is the third largest city of Australia. The city is famous destination point for tourists due to its many beaches and attractions. The city is also famous for attracting many tourists in summer holidays.

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