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Max Funding - Leading financial provider in Australia

The need to have a steady cash flow is vital for any business on the rise or for any established operation looking to grow. The problem that many business faces in these times is the overbearing need of protection that some banks have over the money they allocate to entrepreneurs. These institutions request way too much information about lenders and sometimes they have a say in the way money should be spent. MaxFunding is looking to help out business owners with this particular issue and many other related to the growth of a business.

The hard fact is that once too many times hard working people get turned down by banks or other financial institutions. They usually offer the weakest excuses for rejections and their inability to appreciate a business strategy is based on meager details at best. The team working in MaxFunding is willing to work side-by-side with business owners and they have been taking their proposals since the year 2011. The company works within Australia law regulations and as a member of National Credit Providers Association (NCPA), the Financiers Association of Australia and FinTech Australia.

Loan products

MaxFunding offers some of the most user-friendly financial services among quick loan companies in Australia. They are currently focused on three basic services:

Fast Business Loans:

With a pre-approval time of 5 minutes that can be consulted around the clock, the Fast Business Loan offered by MaxFunding is able to provide allocations from $2,000 to $1,000,000 that can be paid from 1 month to 36 including extension periods at a low-interest rate of 1,8% on used funds.

  • MaxFunding offers a flexible plan for repayments adjusted to the cash flow of the business either by choosing periodical quotes, lump payments or a combination of both. This is the kind of loan usually secured by start-ups, established brands looking for a quick line of credit or property investors looking for expansion.
  • The loaner is eligible just by offering an asset free of debt such as a vehicle or a real estate property. The company does not look into credit scores so a bad credit history won’t be an issue.

Equity Business Loan:

Same as before, MaxFunding offers a Business Equity Loan for an extended sum of cash instantly as long as certain conditions apply. It should not be a cause of worry though, it still fewer requirements than those asked by a bank.

  • Business Equity Loans are approved in less than 3 hours. The money allocation can go from $20,000 to $500,000 that can be repaid over 36 months at an interest rate of 1,8% either in monthly quotes or lump sum payments that will be directly withdrawn from the lender’s bank account.
  • The service is offered to either new business owners or established brands. Since the money allocation is larger, loaners need to provide certified ownership of a real estate property, mortgage is ok.
  • Vehicle ownership is also a plus as well as a clean credit history with no bankruptcy record or a part-9 debt agreement. If the lender doesn’t meet the criteria they can always ask for the money with the help of a guarantor.

Unsecured Business Loan

This service offers fast cash to business needing to secure their cash flow with no questions asked.

  • MaxFunding offers their traditional 5-minute pre-approval time along with a cash allocation that can go from $2,000 to $1,000,000.
  • This loan is best suited for start-ups such as service providers and other industries that can’t work with the extended waiting periods imposed by financial institutions. To have access to it loaners just need to prove a stable monthly turnover that goes over $6,000 for their business and a good credit history.
  • The unsecured nature of this loan makes payments a bit more difficult since the company offers just a 12-month period at a 1,8% interest rate to have their money back. The payment plan will be designed on your business plan and will be submitted for consideration before final approval.

Max Funding is a company looking for the growth of the little guy. A strong body of entrepreneurs is always a sign of a solid economy and as such, they offer their services to retail stores, online retailers, wholesalers, cafes, restaurants, beauty parlors, and personal trainers, handlers of human resources, contractors, transportation services, manufacturing and agriculture planning are also included.

Awards and memberships

Max Funding comes across as one of the most reliable lenders in Australia with a certifiable track record of satisfied customers and a series of accomplishments offered by renowned institutions in the country such as the Australian Customer Service who offered their prime Gold Award to the company for their outstanding commitment to customer satisfaction. The Australian Achievers Award has also been granted to the company for being a highly ranked service provider in their field. The St. George Business award was also offered to MaxFunding in a finalist position for their ability to offer ongoing help to communities. And finally, the Hurstville business was also awarded to the company for their efforts in securing the growth of small businesses across the country.

The company has been featured in multiple national outlets such as The Sydney Morning Herald, Financial review, and Getting in touch with MaxFunding is as easy as visiting their website and getting a quick overview of their services in their user-friendly website to get all the answers needed about the most convenient loan for your business.

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