Mango Credit Review

According to Mango Credit's website:

Mango Credit has been operating for more than 15 years, specialize in fast short term loans within Australian wide. They offer caveat loans, bridging loans, home equity loans, commercial and personal loans, loan amount up to $500,000+, loan terms flexible from 2 to 12 months, and has a turnaround time of 72 hours to settlement. Security is required with 1st or 2nd mortgage up to 75% Loan To Value Ratio. Applicants can inquiry by phone or email and get approval online without face to face meeting, the approval time will take up to 2 hours, and they claim there is no credit check.

Mango Credit claims they offer the competitive rate in the financial market, and they also provide joint loan application. If the first applicant does not meet criteria, they can also find someone who meets the criteria and applies together.

Recently according to Elliott May Lawyer's website, there has been a court case with Mango Credit involved, the matter is whether penalty rate was considered to be acceptable.

  1. Various loan products:
  2. Mango Credit provides many different loan products meet needs of various customers.

  3. Service-wide:
  4. Instead of providing service to Australian wide only, Mango credit assesses all inquiries from overseas as well.

  5. Fast approval:
  6. Only 2 hours for approval, and up to 72 hours for settle after valuation.

How can you apply?
  1. You can call them directly, and apply over the phone,
  2. Or you can download the application form from their website, and fax to them,
  3. Or fill their application form online and apply
  4. And you can also send your application form by Email.

The friendly team from Mango Credit can always help you with loan term, loan amount, repayments and etc. they claimed to provide customer tailored service.

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