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A subtropical town that lies in the north-eastern regions of New South Wales in Australia, Lismore is the chief population center in the area of local authorities of the City of Lismore. It is the regional center of the area of North Rivers of Australia.

This city is located in the aboriginal area of Bundjalung Nation. Evidences indicate that primordial people came here from Northern Australia about 8000 years before. The actual region from Evans Head from where the people of Bundjalung originated is still being examined.

Lismore's European history dates back to the year 1843. A reverend run that covered a 93 square kilometers area was undertaken by Captain Dumaresq. It occupied the area of Lismore. This run was furnished with stocks of sheep that belonged to the area from New England. Ward Stephens resumed the operations of this run during the same year. However, the semi-tropic clime was not conducive for grazing sheep. This led to the abandonment of this run. Later, it was taken over by Jane and William Wilson in January of 1845.

Wilsons belonged to Scotland and came to the area of New South Wales during May 1883.

The location of Lismore lies on the Bruxner Highway at the meeting point of Leycester Creek and Wilsons River, which is one of the tributaries of the famous Richmond River. Sydney, the capital of Australia, is at a distance of 764 kilometers in the south from Lismore by highway. Queensland's state capital, the city of Brisbane, lies at a distance of 200 kilometers from this city.

The central commercial territory of Lismore lies 35 kilometers away from eastern coast and 46 kilometers away from the south-west direction of Byron Bay. The economy of Lismore is fuelled by quite a few industries. Hospitality is a big industry in the city, which caters to growing number of tourists. Healthcare is another industry which is seen to be thriving. Lismore is an educational hub as well and has quite a few international students as well, who need facilities like accommodation and other services, giving a boost to the local economy. There are many places that offer fast personal loans and quick cash loans to people interested in going to Lismore. So long as you as financially sound, you do not have to be financially insecure.

Ballina, a coastal town lies quite close to Lismore. You will find numerous patches of rainforest in this area. Its leftovers were once known as Big Scrub. They are conserved even today. Boatharbour Reserve is a little remnant that lies to the east of this city on Bangalow Road.

The temperatures throughout the year in Lismore range from being mild to warm. There is a sufficient amount of rain. The temperature during the season of summer ranges from 66 °F (19 °C) to 106 °F (41 °C). The semitropical weather fluxed with the geography of this city make the urban areas remarkably humid when you compare the climate of adjacent areas with them. The humidity occurs specially during summers. There are not any major natural disasters in this city. However, floods do occur now and then. The worst flood happened during 1974. The water level then rose to 12.1 meters or 40 feet. The Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth II who were staying in Gollan Hotel during 1954 were almost chained in their residence when one such deluge occurred.

A famous newspaper publication of the Lismore community that is distributed free of cost every week is the Northern Rivers Echo. Almost 30000 copies are circulated.

2LM 900 AM and Triple Z (Hit Music) are the most popular commercial radio channels.

Every major TV network of Australia can be received in Lismore.

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