Kikka Loans Review

According to Kikka's website:

Every business has the right to loans. The growth of any economy lies in the success of small businesses because small businesses are the engine room of the economy. The access to loans isn’t easy and Kikka wants to make that process much easier for you. Kikka is a company that isn’t a bank but an alternative lender for small businesses.

How does Kikka Work?

With Kikka Loans, you can use the cash for any business purpose you choose such as hire staff, buy stock, manage your cash flow, expand your business, buy or repair equipment.

There is an offer of a maximum $100,000 and a minimum of $1000 with loan term spanning from one to six months. The average fee for the first two months ranges from four to six percent while the monthly fee for 3 to 6 months is fixed at 1 percent.

Before your registration must be approved, there is a certain condition to meet. This include

  • Having an active ABN/CAN, which is registered for more than 12 months.
  • Your business has a minimum turnover of $10,000 monthly.
Features of Kikka
  • Quick Registration: Within 10 minutes, your registration is completed. There is no requirement for assets as security during this registration process, which is why many are thinking towards Kikka. All needed are your ABN/CAN and your business name.
  • Instant Decision: Without any paperwork, your registration is completed. With merely linking your bank details to the secure database of Kikka, you can get an instant decision when your application is approved.
  • Unsecured: The fear of using your assets and houses as collateral is taken off. You don’t need anything like that, neither is upfront fees required. This enables you to repay as early as possible while saving.
  • Simple Payment: You have the opportunity of paying only what you use using a simple payment term.

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