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Kalgoorlie-Boulder, also known as Kalgoorlie, is a small town in the region of Goldfields-Esperance that lies in the western regions of Australia. Its approximate distance from Perth is 600 kilometers in the north-east direction and is located at the extremity of Great Eastern Highway. Kalgoorlie-Boulder was established during the Gold Rush of Yilgarn-Goldfields in 1893 and lies near to the famous 'Golden Mile'.

During January 1893, the well-known miners Patrick Hannan, Dan O'Shea and Tom Flaganan were journeying towards Mount Youle while their horse hurled a shoe. During their stop, they discovered clues in that region which indicated that gold could be found there. So they planned to stick around. Patrick Hannan registered a Reward Claim on 17th June 1893 that led to hundreds of people coming in the area for searching gold. It was after this that Kalgoorlie-Boulder, previously known as Hannan's, came into existence.

During the late 1890s, the population of Kalgoorlie-Boulder was approximately 2000, which comprised 1500 males and 500 females.

Gold mining and excavation of other precious metals like nickel has almost become an industry from that time. Today, about 25% of Kalgoorlie-Boulder's manpower works for this industry and produces a considerable part of its income. The town is famous for its mining and with gold touching new highs with every passing month, this town in Australia is gaining even more importance. However, as of late, apart from gold, iron ore, nickel and copper diggers are finding it difficult as these metals are imported by China, which is feared to be slowing down. Tourism is also an industry which is rising in importance as the number of tourists visiting this town in Australia has increased in the past 5 years.

The area of Kalgoorlie-Boulder extends over a distance of hundreds of miles and is the biggest colony. Many people are hired at the Super Pit. It is the hub of the societal life of the area.

A famous horse racing locus called the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Racecourse is visited by almost everyone, who is touring this city.

Kalgoorlie Skimpies is a notable area as every pub over there engages young women who perambulate wearing underclothing or burlesque costumes to draw in more and more betters. These ladies expect a payment for their services. Two ellipses for playing grass sports are built in the area and there is a theater that shows the latest international movies.

The climate of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is somewhat desiccate. The winters here are mild while the summers are hot. The yearly amount of rainfall averages to 260mm. It lasts for 2-2.5 months and its distribution through the year is even. However, there is a great variation every year.

The hottest time of the year is in January during which the upper limit temperature averages out to approximately 35 °C. Sometimes, temperatures can also rise beyond 40 °C in a week when the hot and dry winds from north-east parts of Australia arrive here. These climatic conditions are usually succeeded by cool weathers that arrive from south and at times with electrical storms.

The winters of this city are ironically cool with the minimum and maximum average temperatures of 4.8 °C and 6.5 °C respectively. Once in every winter season, there are days when the climate is cold and wet.

More than the weather, what can make you sweat is the expense involved in the whole trip. However, the banks in the area are known to offer fast cash loans as well as quick personal loans to tourists who can prove their financial worth. Thus, you can party all night and shop till you drop.

Since Kalgoorlie-Boulder is located at a distance of almost 600 kilometers from Perth, people from Australia participate in huge number in netball, football, rugby league, basketball, hockey, soccer and cricket events. Lawn balls, tennis, swimming and rugby unions are also very popular.

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