Kabbage Business Loan Review

According to Kabbage's website:

Growing a business is frustrating, but it could be easy as fast as swiping your finger. No more excuse for running your business ineffectively because of funds. With Kabbage loan, you are covered financially. With no hidden costs and simple monthly payment fees, your business can compete with top businesses in your locality. With Kabbage loan, you have the key to converting your small business into a multinational company.

How does Kabbage Business Loan Work?

For many, the loan offered by Kabbage is too good to be true. With record accomplishment of over 100,000 trusted businesses, using Kabbage loan is something worth getting involved in.

First, you need to register, which takes less than two minutes and a confirmation process that can be instantaneous. Registration details include email, password, business information such as business name, type, and the industry.

You can get a loan of up to $150,000 with flexible payment structure to suit you. Immediately your approval is confirmed, you don’t need any obligation to take funds. Another interesting thing about Kabbage loans is that it comes with monthly payment structure with mouthwatering rates.

There is 4% rate for those that want the six months payment term while it is 3% for those with twelve months payment term.

Features of Kabbage Loan
  • Quick Registration Process: Within the blink of the eyes, your registration is completed. After registration, you stand the chance of instant approval if the information is accurately inputted.
  • Mobile Friendly: You can withdraw whatever amount you need when you need it without any obstacle due to the device used. You can use your tablet, smartphone or computer wherever you are.
  • No Obligation: Applying for loans using Kabbage loans won’t cost you anything. Besides this, there is no cost unless you make use of your funds.
  • Pay Early and Save: There are no prepayment penalties for Kabbage loans. You have the advantage of saving money when you decide to pay off your entire loan balance as early as possible.

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