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Wollongong- a city of many attractions

Wollongong is located in New South Wales and is the third largest city of Australia. The city is famous destination point for tourists due to its many beaches and attractions. The city is also famous for attracting many tourists in summer holidays.

Swimming and surfing are the main activities in the city, with 17 beaches providing the necessary good weather conditions for surfing. These beaches are spacious and less crowded, when compared to beaches in Sydney. These beaches are accessible through bicycles or public transport. Some of the popular beaches in the north are North Beach, City Beach, Austinmer, and Towradgi and in the south there are Port Kembla and Windang beaches which are popular. Apart from many beaches in the city there are also pools and laps for children, who want to splash water and have fun.

Apart from swimming and surfing, there are many other things a tourist can do when he visits Wollongong city. Cycling and walking are also considered to be popular activities in the city. For those who love to cycle, there are designated routes in the city, which you should not miss exploring. You can enjoy the coastal sceneries while cycling or can simply visit the steel industry. For those who prefer to take a romantic walk, Mount Kiera Ring Track provides a beautiful rain forest sceneries and mountain views.

The warm waters of the city's beaches encourages Diving and sky diving. For the people who are really into diving, Bass Point is the best place to visit. With sky diving, you can see the beauty of the city from a different angle.

Wollongong is surrounded with beautiful sceneries with coastline and provides some spectacular views. There are many places which are accessible by car that provides lookouts over the city and coastline of Wollongong in New South Wales. The three famous lookouts are Bulli Pass, mount Kembla Lookout and Mount Kiera lookout.

For the people who want to learn many things about the Wollongong city, museums are the best place to visit. The BHP Australian Historical Flying Museum is an exhibition with many historical aircrafts. Science Centre and Planetarium has many things that attract children from ages 1 to 15. Not only children, the planetarium also attract many adults.

There are many attractions in the city, apart from sandy beaches and museums. Among many attractions, Nan Tien Temple in Berkeley road is very famous Buddhist temple. The name is of Chinese origin, which means 'Paradise of the south? Another major attraction of the city is the sports stadium, WIN Sports & Entertainment Centers shortly the WEC. The stadium holds rugby and soccer games. Port Kembla Steelworks is also considered to be an attraction for those who are fascinated by large industries. The industry is the largest and fully functional steel plant producing 5 million tons of steel every year. This attracts many tourists.

There are many people who get influenced by Australia or by the city of Wollongong. Many of them want to settle in the city. The Australian government is quite liberal with granting visas. Moreover, the banks in the city offer fast personal loans as well as fast cash loans liberally and this makes the city even more enticing.

The gardens and parks are decorated and popular. The Wollongong Botanical Gardens and Minnamurra Rainforest provides the nature lovers with open spaces, duck ponds and short walking trails into the forest. You can also watch many birds and wombats, if you visit the rainforest early morning.

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