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Tamworth - Rich in history and culture

Tamworth in New South Wales has it all. A rich history and heritage peppered with a twinge of undying activity and festivals that provide entertainment all the year round.

History of Tamworth is one solid foundation that is exquisite and a place to behold if you visit their museums and other historical places. The Anglo Saxon tribes were the one that joined forces and paved their way in the kingdom of Mercia. Tamworth has been known to be the core of this kingdom and has been one of the biggest towns in Midland. In addition to this, being a centre of activity also meant that it was the hub of industry and trade. One of the ancient most water mills had been formed in Tamworth and this is also in relevance with the name itself.

In New South Wales, the Tamworth Castle would enlighten you with the history and heritage of this place. So step in the world shared by the royals and try to seep in the exquisite architecture and enjoy the good amount of costumes and articles that stand dignified in there. All those who are fascinated with superstition and ghosts would love to enjoy the insides of the castles where they would not only witness but experience weird activities.

In addition to this, the Church of St. Edhita is yet another amazing place. It is known to be one of the ancient churches in Midland where you would witness spellbinding arches and arcades. Here the biggest attraction here is that of spiral staircase, which goes above the block, mesmerizing anyone who stands to look at it. Another added feature of heritage and architectural value is the Thomas Guy, the Almshouses and Town Hall that would be a great enriching experience.

For all those who love nature, place like the Hodge Lane and Kettlebrook are for the most exquisite nature reserves. There are varieties of flora and fauna to witness here amidst pools and walkways where you would feel relaxed and of course stand close to nature. For a nice paddle, one can also go for a boating experience in the nearby river.

Tamworth hosts some of the most interesting events for tourist's attraction all the year round. There is one Tamworth Gate Gallop that comprises of a 10K race where children are able to participate and indulge in myriad of activities in the month of July. It is one of the much awaited fundraising events. Along with this The Fireworks Spectacular is yet another popular one which is held in November each year. This event in New South Wales is a great amalgamation of sparking colors and upbeat music.

While you are in New South Wales, you should not fret about your accommodation. This is because there are a myriad of places that can house you for a good number of days with the likes of hotels, motels, inns, guest houses, apartments and what not all around Tamworth. If you have plans of moving in here then you can be provided with loans with the likes of fast personal loans and fast cash loans.

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