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Dubbo is the city in New South Wales from the Orana Region, Australia. This is one of the most important cities of Orana Region as it is the most densely populated cities of the whole area with a population of about 36,920 people the city covers almost 275 kilometers above the sea level. The city is responsible for connecting a number of states and cities to each other via a special national highway. This city is located in vicinity of a number of other important areas of South Wales which increases the importance of this place.

The city is known for the export of lambs. Because this city is present in the center of the agriculture region of the country the export of lambs from Dubbo is considered as a major support of the economy of the country and specifically this particular region. Besides this, the health care system of this city is of much importance. This city is the shopping hub of the entire South Wales area. There are a number of shopping spots, prominent of which are Centro Dubbo, Large Orana Mall, Riverdale and Tamworth Street local stores, Macquarie Talbragar Streets etcetera and many more. In addition to these main malls and shopping centers of Dubbo, there are plenty of retail shops with specialized things.

Tourism is another factor of the developed economy of this city. It is the local industry of this city. People come to visit various endangered animals at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo. There are Indian, white and black rhinoceros?in the zoo who capture the attention of tourists. These endangered species are also looked after there. This zoo is the main center of attraction for the tourists and people from all over the world bring their families to visit these animals.

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