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According to CreditSME's website:

Business in today’s word is so competitive and dynamic, and a small business owner has to be in total control of tides of business waves or be out of business. In a plain language, a business owner has to be on top of her business game. This time around, being on top of one’s business game implies being able to stem the tides emanating from the business environment. It has been established that the only viable weapon useful in sailing through business waves of the tide, is finance-prompt finance when needed. To address this phenomenon, CreditSME has raised to the challenge of providing “just-in-time” financial solutions to small and medium businesses; in terms loans. CreditSME acts as a specialist in the field of loan provision; it provides loan solutions from $20,000 to the tune of $2,000,000. CreditSME provides a wide variety of loan from bank overdrafts to unsecured loans; with great speed and availability.

How does CreditSME work?

CreditSME leverages on high tech technology, which allows users to apply for loans online with prompt speed and almost immediate response; in terms of funds availability after application. CreditSME is in a specialist affiliation with over 60 banks and non-banks lending platforms. This makes getting credited with funds, easier and faster, after an online loan application. On the other way around, CreditSME performs finance specialization services, by connecting a business with the most suitable lender; and makes loans available within a very short period of time.

Features of CreditSME

Specialist Loan Service: CreditSME does a professional service of ‘loan-seek’ matching; that is matching a prospective loan customer to a suitable lender. In doing this, it has affiliate platforms of over 60 banks and loan providers.

Provision of Loan Advisory Service: Researchers have at several times established it that most business owners that actually need business loans don’t discover early, they need loans. In the light of this, CreditSME has a pool of specialized loan consultants who do advice and guide loan customers.

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