Small Business Loans

Loan Range $2,000 to $1,000,000
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Special Features
  • green tick Flexible & low repayment
  • green tick Fast application
  • green tick No securities required (Unsecured Loans)
  • green tick For most cases guaranteed pre approval
  • green tick Low Doc Business Loans
  • green tick Business use
  • green tick Bad Credit Business Loans OK
  • green tick Over 18 years old
Flexible payment Options

Every business is different,
we will tailor a repayment
plan to suit your business opreations.
Further details will be provided
following application.

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Business Financing Experts

How would $2,000 - $1,000,000 help your business? Discovery Credit believes in supporting the local businesses of Australia, you are almost get pre approval. Find out more about our different types of Fast Business Loans.

Why Choose Us?

At Discovery Credit, we are dedicated to helping small businesses all around Australia with their funding needs. Many Aussies want to be their own boss, but fail to do so, because banks have turned them down.

We have made both secured and unsecured business finance easy for you.

Why are we the Bank Alternative?

  • green tick New Business Start-up? We can help.
  • green tick No 2 Year Financial Records? Okay, no problems.
  • green tick No A.B.N? Okay, that's fine!
  • green tick Bad Credit History? Okay, we love giving second chances.
  • green tick Short Term or Long Term

What is the Loan Process?

  1. Complete our 5-minute Pre-Approval.
  2. Provide a few simple documents.
  3. Sign Contract and Funds will be ready for transfer.

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I have bad credit history, Can I apply?

Yes, and absolutely. With bad credit business loans can be next to impossible to get, but this is the case when you approach other lenders. For us, we accept any person who has a bad credit history, and our purpose is to give people second chance in getting their urgent finance for business. We believe in giving people another chance in correcting their bad financial data. Instead of punishing you for a past mistake, we help you correct it. To find out whether you are eligible for a loan, simply fill in the form available online which normally takes less than 5 mins. Sounds easy, isn't it?

Would the application affect my credit profile?

No. The application is obligation free, and it is a good opportunity for us to understand your current financial situation. No more needs to worry about your credit enquiries or outstanding payments in the past, and we will take consideration into every aspect of your life. This has given us a head start over the other lenders in Australia.

How long does it take to approve the loan?

From as short as 24 hours! Yes, that is right, depending on the type of the loan applied and its terms. Caveat loans usually take 24 hours only. We appreciate the fact that when you need a loan, approval time is crucial. We ensure that once your eligibility is confirmed, you are guaranteed that your loan is approved as soon as possible. Once you provide all the required details, loan approval is done hastily. We have a quick pre-approval online made specifically to address loan approval delays. Be guaranteed that your business loan will be available for you to use in time.

Are there any hidden costs for the business loans?

No, not at all. Some lenders tend to have other costs which are only made known to you much later in the application process or even after the loan is disbursed. This can be very frustrating and inconveniencing. We, on the other hand, do mind your trust in us and we do not have any hidden charges applied to our business loans. Any common charges like interest charges are clearly spelled out to you before you get the loan.

What can I use the loan for?

The loan we provide is meant for business-related purposes. You can be a young entrepreneur in Australia starting up a business and does not have cash in hand, or maybe you are running your own business and need some finance to expand your business. You can also be a business owner trying to reinvent your business. Or maybe you have bad credit and cannot take a business loan from the other lenders. Or maybe you want to upgrade your business equipment. Or maybe you want to pay your pending business bills. Whatever the situation, we will be there to provide you with business loans as long as the finances are meant for any business-related purposes.

How is the repayment plan?

Favourable! We provide you with a repayment plan for the business loan that suits your specific requirements as close as possible. We will discuss a plan that is favourable to you. Our objective is to ensure that the business loan we give you achieves its intended purpose and hence you will be comfortable repaying back. This will ensure that you will not end up with bad credit status which would deny you future business loans.

Is there guaranteed approval?

No, but we have a very high approval rate. Approval of a loan will depend on your eligibility. Once you fill the eligibility form and you are confirmed to be eligible, your loan is likely to be approved after your successful application. We have successfully approved business loans for people in business ranging from new businesses to established ones across all industries and sectors all over Australia. You can be one of them.

Which kind of business qualifies for a loan?

Variety of industries. We provide business loans to a wide variety of business almost across all the industries in Australia. The amount of loan we provide attracts people from the different industries and sectors. These are usually either start-up businesses or established ones depending on their financial needs.

Where can you find us?

We are available online. This has enabled us to make our business loans reach everyone throughout Australia as long as they can access the internet. Traditionally, one had to travel to a physical branch of the lending institution to make any loan inquiry or application. This was very limiting and made it hard to access business loans. Online application has made the process convenient and readily accessible.

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Excellent service!

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