Bigstone Lending Marketplace

According to Bigstone's website:

Bigstone Lending Marketplace is unique in that they have both loan and investment opportunities. This gives all kinds of businesses added opportunities for additional cash flow infusions. Read on for a look at both types of funding.

Small business loans

Small business loans from Bigstone can be had for 6.5%, making it affordable for many businesses to get the cash they need. Many small business loans are small amounts as well, but Bigstone will lend up to $250,000. Repayment terms range from three months to 24 months, making it convenient for balancing cash flows.

The funds can be available in 24 hours with no deposit necessary after the loan is approved, much faster than a traditional bank. Bigstone also uses your business’ projected performance as a consideration instead of your balances or your collateral.

The process is very simple. Borrowers can learn what loan they might qualify for and at what price by filling in some simple questions and getting an answer in about three minutes. Or they can fill out a full application in about 30 minutes.

What might the funds be used for?
  • A new location
  • Recruiting and hiring new staff
  • Buying additional inventory
  • Other business growth needs
Business investments

Bigstone Lending pairs small and medium businesses with investors. This allows investors to have ways to receive returns on their investments through helping Australian businesses succeed instead of through financial markets. It can also be used as a way to diversify portfolios and reduce risk. Returns generally average 10% with a small 1% fee, and some investments can yield 23% (though all actual results will vary).

The loans themselves are held by a third party that is not run by Bigstone, so Bigstone can maintain impartiality.

Investor identities are not revealed to borrowers, so all information is kept confidential. This adds to the risk reduction when investing.

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