Why Choose Us?


At Discovery Credit, we are dedicated to helping small businesses all around Australia with their funding needs. Many Aussies want to be their own boss, but fail to do so, because banks has turned them down.

We have made both secured and unsecured business finance easy for you.

Why are we the Bank Alternative?

  • New Business Start-up? We can help
  • No 2 Year Financial Records? Okay, no problems
  • No A.B.N? Okay, that's fine!
  • Bad Credit History? Okay, we love giving second chances

What is the Loan Process?

  1. Complete our 5 minute Pre-Approval
  2. Provide a few simple documents
  3. Sign Contract and Funds will be ready for transfer

Why can we help?

There are people who also experience cash flow problem with their current business, and we can provide funding for them to solve it. Sometimes, businesses can be running very well, and chances do come up for them to move another step forward, but expanding a business can be as hard as starting a business because funding is required. Saving up to expand is always one of the slowest way to expand, and most likely you would miss the chance, that is why our lenders provide business loans for businesses to take another step forward.

We guarantee you will be satisfied with our service.

Business Loans
Loan range $1,000 to $500,000+
Suitable for ✔ New businesses
✔ Established businesses

✔ Any industries

Special Features ✔ Flexible & low repayment
✔ Fast application
✔ No securities required (Unsecured Loans)
Criteria ✔ Business use
✔ Bad Credit considered
✔ Over 18 years old
Flexible payment Options Every business is different, we will tailor a repayment plan to suit your business opreations. Further details will be provided following application.

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5 Minutes Response (24/7)

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